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  • This Task has been designed for use by Staff, Faculty. For Staff, Faculty

QR codes are being placed on campus for two purposes.

1. Check-in:  You may place all QR code at a location to have students and staff check in.  After they scan the QR code the FLC mobile app will display their daily health certification on their phone.

The individual health certificate will either show  1) Green, the person has completed their symptom survey and is OK to be on campus 2) Red, the person has completed their symptom survey and has not been cleared to be on campus, or the person has not completed the daily symptom survey.  If a person displays a red health certification they should not be allowed on campus.

Examples of Check-in locations are:  Student Life Center,  Dining Hall, Advising and Tutoring centers.

2. Contact Tracing:  QR codes may be placed where people will congregate for more than 15 minutes.  Students and Staff  will voluntarily scan the QR code using the FLC Mobile application.  This will be logged and may be used as information while doing contact tracing case management.  It will be in the best interest for people to scan these codes in order to help identify if they have been exposed to someone who may be symptomatic.

Examples of  Contact Tracing Locations are:  Classrooms, Lounges, Meeting Rooms
Inappropriate locations would be:  Hallways, personal offices, restrooms



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