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Student Legal Services is an opportunity for FLC students to meet with an attorney on a first come, first served basis periodically throughout the academic year.  All sessions take place from noon-1:30pm in the ASFLC suite, 167 Student Union.  SLS sessions are sponsored by ASFLC and are paid for via student fees.  See below for details and dates for the fall semester.

Disclaimer Student Legal Services (SLS) is sponsored by the Associated Students of Fort Lewis College (ASFLC) and funded by student fees.  The service is provided without charge on a first come, first served basis. SLS provides consultations in various legal areas to currently enrolled, fee-paying students.  SLS does not provide advice on legal claims against FLC student and employees, and FLC itself.  SLS may explain the college policy a student is accused of violating; however, SLC does not provide individualized advice on how to prepare for college administrative proceedings for college policy violations.

Learn more at https://skyhub.fortlewis.edu/campusvibe/service-page/b34cff4d-a39e-47bc-9d5d-acf493442c04?servicepageid=3c1fa193-d33a-4fc6-a85c-5f5b93eb4cec


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